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Important News

Important News

Great Outdoor Adventures - Cadets WA

A great way of getting skills and broadening your experience is via a cadet program. Secondary school students who join a cadet program typically undertake adventurous training, camping, hiking, sporting activities and exercise their leadership potential.

Cadets WA programs


Transperth Bus Route changes

Do you catch public transport to school?  Transperth are making changes to many bus routes as of 23 April 2017. Please check to see if the service you use has been altered.

Meet Brad Snell - Year 10 Coordinator

Here I am pictured with a young fellow that I go and watch play basketball every Saturday for the school where he is a boarder. I consider him to be sort of my grandson as his dad lived at our house so he could complete school.


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How to Apply

Applecross Senior High School Enrolment Policy and Procedure

A large number of students are enrolled at Applecross Senior High School and to manage the large number of Application for Enrolments received, we abide fully by the criteria and intentions set out in the Deparment of Education Enrolment Policy V2.1. To ensure we only enrol to the capacity we have in our buildings and resources, the Deparment of Education has deemed Applecross Senior High School a local intake school. This means that Applecross Senior High School can guarantee places for students whose family resides within the boundaries of the Applecross Senior High School local intake area as determined by the WA Department of Education, at the time the enrolment commences. The school, however cannot guarantee enrolment for children residing outside of this area.

Please view the map of the local intake area here




1.   Complete the Enrolment Request Form for the appropriate year of intake.




2.   The following documentation needs to be attached to this form.

       Proof of residence of the property by the parent/s where the student is residing.

       This must be either:

       a.      A rates notice from the local council for the property

       b.      A lease/ rental agreement if the family is renting (with a minimum 12 months

                to cover commencement)


3.    The documents can be submitted by post, fax, email or in person to:

        Applecross Senior High School, Links Road, ARDROSS   WA   6153

        Fax:  +61 9364 1832                Email:


4.    For Year 5/6 students enrolling in Year 7

       Once the Enrolment Request form has been received, all local intake area requests

       will receive a full Application for Enrolment Pack in Term One of Year 6.


5.    For students in our local intake in Years 8 - 12

        A parent and student interview with the relevant Deputy Principal will occur once



6.    Gifted and Talented Program - Special Art and Approved Specialist Tennis Program

        Enrolments to the Gifted and Talented Program Special Art and Approved Specialist Tennis program have a separate Application 


        Click here for the Gifted and Talented Program Special Art Enrolment Information

        Click here for Special Tennis Enrolment Information


Once your Enrolment Request Form has been acknowledged and you have received a full Application for Enrolment pack, please proceed to Step Two.



Formal Application for Enrolment Pack

To assist the school to determine the student's eligibility under local intake, the following documentation needs to be attached to the Application for Enrolment:

1.    Proof of residence of the property by the parent/s where the student is


       This must be either:

       a.      A rates notice from the local council for the property

       b.      A lease/ rental agreement if the family is renting (with a minimum 12 months

                to cover commencement)


2.    Applications also need three additional pieces of evidence to confirm their

       residential address. These may include:

        Power - connection or account

        Gas - connection or account

        Telephone accounts

        Bank Accounts

        Contents Insurance

        Driver's Licence

        Any other official documents that may support the application as proof of



3.    Additional Documents required are:

       A copy of the student's Birth Certificate if born in Australia OR Passports of the

       Parents and the student if born overseas.

       Visa documentation showing visa grant number and expiry date for overseas


       Student health form and relevant immunisation evidence.


4.     English Language Competency

        Students wishing to enrol at Applecross Senior High School need to demonstrate

        fluency in Standard Australian English on enrolment. This is particularly true of

        students who have received instruction outside Australia. Courses in English as

        an Additional Language or Dialet (English as a Second Language) are available

        for eligible students and applications needing futher language development may

        be referred to an Intensive English Centre or a specialised senior campus.


5.     Age

        A birth certificate or extract of birth certificate or passport must be provided with

        the Application for Enrolment as proof of age.  Only in very exceptional

        circumstances and only at the discretion of the Principal, will a student be placed

        in a group that does not correspond to his or her age group.


6.     Sibling Policy

         Siblings are not assured enrolment at the school if the family is residing outside

         the school boundary at the time of the sibling's enrolment. Siblings are given

         some priority for enrolment over those families residing outside the local area

         (See Enrolment Process and Criteria) and are enrolled at the Principal's discretion

         where capacity is established. Please provide the most recent school report when

         aplying for an out of area sibling enrolment.


7.     Special Needs

        Applecross Senior High School supports students in their local intake area who

        have special needs. However, placement in Applecross Senior High School should

        be discussed with staff prior to lodging an Enrolment Request Form. It is important

        that the needs of the student and the school's ability to meet these needs are

        discussed collaboratively, and potential challenges highlighted.


8.     Important Information

        Parents are reminded that under the Education Act 199, Division 2.20

        "The Principal may cancel the enrolment if false or misleading information

        was given"

        1.     It is a requirement that the school is informed within 14 days of any change

                of circumstances. This includes;

                a.     change of address

                b.     changes to a student's citizenship. i.e.  current visa sub Class

                c.     changing from Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident

                d.     or when are student becomes an Australian Citizen


        2.     It is also a requirement that all information provided is accurate.



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