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Important News

Important News

Friday Morning Fitness

Students are welcome to come along and do their own workout before starting school on Fridays.


Where:     Fitness Room

Day:         Every Friday (during the school term)

Time:        7.20am to 8.00am



Interschool Cross Country 2018

On a beautiful sunny autumn day, 42 keen Applecross runners travelled to UWA Sports Park for the Interschool Cross Country. With 1779 competitors from around the state, the competition was fierce.


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Year 11 Physics

Our Year 11 Physics Students recently studied the effect of weight on the frictional force created on the Science block carpet. They used ramps to create a known starting speed, which they could calculate. This way each trolley started at the same speed – a controlled variable.

The students then loaded up the carts with different masses, measuring the distance each trolley travelled once it landed on the carpet. Knowing the starting speed and the distance it travelled until it stopped, they could calculate the average frictional force on the trolleys (and thereby also the coefficient of rolling friction between the trolley and the carpet).

Many groups were surprised to find that the mass in the trolley didn’t make much difference to the stopping distance of the trolley. This is because the frictional force is proportional to the mass of the trolley, so although the frictional force goes up with more mass, so does the force needed to slow the trolley, so the two effects effectively ‘cancel out’.

Damen Bradbury, Science Teacher

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