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Important News

Important News

2019 Anzac Student Tour

Congratulations Eva Mustapic on this wonderful achievement.


Click here for the Media Statement.


Parliamentary Poetry Competition

Ria Cutt from the Year 9 Academic Extension HASS class was invited to lunch at Parliament House for being named as one of the three state finalists in a Poetry Competition about the WA Parliament.


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Year 9 Soil Science

During a lesson in week 4, Miss Kim’s Year 9 class conducted their third lesson on Soil Science, where they ran soil moisture tests on the samples they had collected from Wireless Hill in Term One. Students worked in their groups through sets of activities, with an exciting booklet filled with probing questions to make them think.


The goal of the first activity was to choose a suitable piece of equipment to match the accurately measure the masses of soil samples. From a choice of: bathroom scale, top loading balance and a spring balance, students discussed the limit of reading and uncertainty of measurements of each to make their decision.


The second activity began with the students opening their bags of soil and filtering out the large particles, using sieves and trays. The filtered soil was then used to make the mass measurements, where students were given some time to discuss the importance of increasing reliability of results through replication. The triplicate samples of the soil that students weighed out were then placed in an oven at 105 °C overnight. On the following day, students then reweighed the samples to calculate how much water had evaporated overnight, and hence the moisture content of their original soil.


Students were also given the opportunity to  compare the soil moisture content of those from Wireless Hill, with the samples they had brought from their gardens at home. The results certainly made some students proud of the moist conditions of their own soil from home!


Miss Ji Hae Kim (Science Teacher)



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